Candidate Comments

The Lakeshore News posted responses from candidates in Lakeshore’s municipal election.
To see all the comments, visit Lakeshore News’ website.

Here is what I had to say:

Why should constituents consider voting for you?

Ward 3 needs a focused councillor that works with residents, administration, and Council to move forward. I hope that constituents recognize the four years of experience and insight that I will bring with me into a second term if re-elected. I have an incredibly strong understanding of what is happening and what is coming, and definitely don’t lack in passion or commitment to work for you. If re-elected, I can continue to be the detail-oriented and long-term thinker you know me to be. I will prioritize long-range planning and funding strategies, and never shy away from asking difficult questions. I work so that you can count on the growth, change, and investment Lakeshore is experiencing.

Over the past four years, I have worked to address the policy, staffing, and funding gaps that directly support safe streets, and the development of the strong infrastructure, parkland and the communities we deserve. I am proud of the start of improvements to the West Beach, the introduction of speed radar signage and a traffic calming policy, and the decisions I have made in favour of new parks, better roads, and other infrastructure investments.

In Lakeshore, I have been a business owner, youth councillor, student, and employee. Now, as a young home-owner and professional working in workforce and community development, I bring years of education, relevant experience, and foresight with me as I represent you.

These next four years will impact the next 40 in Lakeshore and I am ready to be a part of a progressive, focused, and committed Council as the Ward 3 representation that works for you.

Top three concerns across the municipality: 

My first priority is ensuring that we have the right infrastructure and policies in place to guide development. We need to keep up with our roads program, build out our Parks Master Plan, and work on stormwater and waste-water infrastructure improvements. At the same time, your next Council will be involved in the Zoning By-Law and development standards updates. These tools will define our expectations of future development in Lakeshore – how it looks, functions, and impacts you – and I have been preparing for this for the last four years, learning from urban and land-use planners from across Canada.

We must also prioritize safe and equitable transportation. This next Council needs to invest in traffic-calming measures and policies that make our current and future streets safer and smoother. We need the foresight to plan communities and roads with paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, and space for any future transit, and the resources to take informed action to address current concerns.

Finally, as all priorities need the appropriate resources, I want to see Lakeshore prepare and stick to multi-year budget and asset management plans. It is critical that we make sustainable decisions for the future that residents can rely on. This will ensure we have the ability to stick to a strategy, and keep you informed and engaged throughout the process. When is your road getting done? What about the improvements to that park? Everyone should have the answers.

Tell us about yourself.

In sharing about myself, I hope that voters understand how my job and other commitments have always relied on my ability to be a solution-focused leader that brings people together with positivity, options, and insight. I am at my best when empowering others, and always know that there is something to learn from their experiences and perspectives.

Lakeshore is the community that raised me. I have attended school, started my first job, ran the West Beach Snack Shack with my sister, volunteered, and bought my first home here. It’s where I want to stay and I know that investment and sound decision-making today are the strongest foundation for a prosperous tomorrow.

In my role as the Manager of Project and Community Development for Workforce WindsorEssex, I am directly involved in consultations, grant proposals, and strategy conversations that seek to improve services and opportunities for youth, newcomers, students, job-seekers, and businesses across Windsor-Essex. This work gives me a personal and real-time understanding of the work that needs to be done regionally to support better service coordination, but also an appreciation for the people striving to coordinate change.

I have years of experience on several boards of directors and am currently the President and Founder of the Youth Council Coalition of Canada, President of the Association des communautés francophones de l’Ontario Windsor Essex Chatham Kent (ACFO WECK), and board member at the Lakeshore Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (Lakeshore NPLC). As your Councillor, I have also represented the Municipality at the Association française des municipalités de l’Ontario (AFMO), and have chaired Lakeshore’s Youth Advisory, Arts Advisory and Heritage committees.

I am multi-lingual (English, Français, Español, Italiano), love Jeopardy! and a good crossword, can speak fluently in movie quotes, and spend a lot of my free time in the kitchen with my partner Jacob trying to make something new from scratch. But, more than anything, I love Lakeshore and know that great things happen when people work together. And, it would be my honour to keep working with and for you.

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