Safe Streets

I will continue working to establish resources beyond our existing policies to implement annual traffic-calming measures to keep our streets safe.

What is going on with traffic calming?

Some of my first efforts as a Councillor were around ensuring our streets are slower and safer. Attending my first conference trade show, I brought back information regarding digital radar feedback signage that have since been installed on Caille Ave and Oakwood Ave. These incredible signs capture ongoing data on speeds and also display to drivers whether they are travelling at an accepted speed.

Alongside this, we also adopted a first draft of a traffic calming policy – which is now being reviewed for effectiveness.

The motions made over this previous term of Council will see recommendations come forward to the new term regarding

  • Traffic calming policy review
  • Traffic calming, including potential speed humps on Caille
  • 40km/h in urban areas of Lakeshore
  • Reduced speeds over the 401
  • Notre Dame traffic calming

At the same time, the County of Essex will be doing a traffic analysis of neighbourhoods that will be affected by proposed closures due to the County Rd 22 expansion. This will come back with recommended solutions next year (2023).

Where do we need to go?

  • Online submission form for traffic concerns that develops the work order for radar trailers
  • Additional budget annually for permanent signage improvements or annual bulk studies
    • We should be able to evaluate problem areas and streets of concern on an annual basis to implement signage, or other passive measures, while identifying opportunities for physical changes through reconstruction or other capital works

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