Flood Resilience

This past term, Council launched the Flood Mitigation & Protection Framework (FMPF). The FMPF consists of the following elements, each described in further detail below:

  1. Operationalize a rotating Smoke Testing Program;
  2. Operationalize monitoring, tracking and enforcement of results including required
    repairs and elimination of private infrastructure cross connections to the sanitary
    system, when detected;
  3. Expanded Building and Occupancy Inspections;
  4. Review drainage areas and recommend Drainage Act initiation to achieve an
    increase level of service;
  5. Review of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law and preparation of implementation
  6. Review and changes to Development Standards;
  7. Development of a Flood Rapid Response Plan; and
  8. Staffing Plan to execute and support the FMPF.

Read the Flood Mitigation and Protection Framework

To make sure that we do the most we can to protect your homes, I will also be supporting funding for next steps in the Shoreline Management Plan and Stormwater Master Plan. We have completed phase one of the latter, with Phase 2 coming soon! With both completed, we will be forecasting the asset management plan and costs. In the interim, we are still completing upgrades annually!

In Ward 3, we also have private roadways along the lake that have experienced flooding. I will continue working with those residents and the Municipality to ensure that help is there when needed, and that residents are supported through steps to get their infrastructure to a place that keeps them dry.

We have improved our reporting abilities to better understand the unique reasons why parts of Lakeshore have and might flood – whether rising water levels and strong North winds off the lake or surcharged systems. Residents are encouraged to report flooding to the Municipality for data collection, and to make use of the many subsidies available.

For more information about flood reporting and subsidies, visit lakeshore.ca/flooding.

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