Rourke and 22

Last Updated: August 22nd, 2022

First Meeting – June 28th, 2022

Council receives a report with a recommendation to approving zoning bylaw amendments to rezone the property to allow for the proposed development: 2 6-storey apartments (120 units total), 40 townhomes, a new school (public elementary) and a retention pond.

Decision 1:

Defer consideration of application ZBA-8-2020 and direct Administration to work with the developer to arrange for a proposal that allows separate consideration for a Zoning By-law amendment authorizing the use of the land for the school to be considered at the July 12, 2022 Council meeting. Carried Unanimously

Decision 2:

Direct Administration to work with the applicant to host a public input session regarding ZBA-8-2020 and bring back an amended concept plan. Carried Unanimously

Overall, no approval was given and Council asked to have the developer (Lakeland Homes) go to the public for consultation for the residential component, but to bring back a new report for the school to be approved at the next possible meeting.

Watch the meeting for more information.

Second Meeting – July 12, 2022


Approve Zoning By-law Amendment Application ZBA-8-2020 (By-law 70-2022) Municipality of Lakeshore (By-law 2-2012), to rezone the subject property from “Residential 1 (R1- refer to Zoning By-law 4170-ZN-94) and Mixed Use (MU)” to “Mixed Use Zone Exception 37 (MU-37)(H30) zone (indicated on the Key Map, Attachment 1), in the Municipality of
Lakeshore; and Direct the Clerk to read By-law 70-2022 during the “Consideration of Bylaws”, all as presented at the July 12, 2022 Council meeting. Carried Unanimously

This only approved the zoning required for the portion that will be occupied by the school and the pond.

Watch the meeting for more information.

Since the first two meetings, I was invited as the ward councillor to sit down with the developer and their consulting team. and a few members of our consulting team. These are the things that I made clear:

  1. Parking is not sufficient for a development this size
  2. Public green space needs to be included
  3. This development is not full or complete without some commercial
  4. While intensification is desired, we have questions about access off of County Rd 22 that need to be answered

Public Consultation – August 18th

Since the first two meetings and that conversation, the development proposal being shared with the public for consultation has changed in three ways (a great start!):

  • Now only one apartment building proposed, still 6 stories, but now 90 units instead of 120 total
  • 3229sqft of commercial space on the ground floor of the apartment building (purple on East corner)
  • Additional parking to the West of the apartment

Throughout the open house, participants placed post-it notes on images of the development highlighting their concerns – most focused around flooding/sanitary capacity, and traffic.

Others asked for:

  • More green space
  • More parking for tenants and visitors
  • Addition of trails / sidewalks
  • Less floors / lower profile

Looking for similar examples of new apartment developments in Windsor and Essex County? Check out:

What happens next?

  • Open comment period until August 26th
  • Review feedback
  • Municipality of Lakeshore to review application with changes
  • Council meeting
    • We are currently unsure of when this might take place as it could take some time for the developer to review and amend, and hold the appropriate meetings with Lakeshore so that administration can develop a report and a recommendation to either approve or deny any required Zoning By-Law Amendments

Additional comments or questions? Get in touch with Zoe Sotirakos at Dillon consulting:

  • 519-571-9833 ext 3177

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